A Guide to Understanding Wireless Technology

Over the years now, technology has transitioned gradually from wired to wireless coming with many benefits at large. Right to wireless communication all from the internet of things, most people can notice the benefits that wireless technologies have brought us. Herein you will learn more about wireless technology.

The word wireless has become part of every individual daily vernacular since tablets, smartphones, and tablets came into the market. This is a broad term that consists of technologies of all kinds and modern devices transmitting data over the air, this includes networking between computer devices with wireless adapters, cellular communications and also other wireless computer accessories.

Examples of wireless devices

When we talk of wireless, several things are talked about that work wireless. Among the popular wireless devices in place are the TV remote controls, the GPS and radio systems. Others include the PDAs, wireless keyboards, wireless network cards, cell phones, and wireless routers.

Wi-Fi and Wireless Networking

Under this category, we have those technologies of networking that can do multiple connections of computers and devices without using wires. This technology is denoted as Wi-Fi also trademarked as Wi-Fi Alliance.

Consider using Wi-Fi if you want to print wirelessly through your network by doing a direct connection to the other computers available in your network. In a situation where you don’t have Wi-Fi, consider turning on the portable Wi-Fi hotspot for internet access.

You probably are aware of this wireless technology known as Bluetooth. Once you have devices close enough that support Bluetooth, you can easily pair them and be able to transmit data without necessarily using wires. Bluetooth is a feature that works commonly on phones, printer, mouse, not forgetting the smart devices such as bathroom scales.

The Wireless Industry

Wireless refers to services and products that emanate from the industry of cellular telecommunications. Wireless carriers like Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are what CTIA association is comprised of as well the mobile phones like Samsung and Motorola. We also have the GSM, CDMA 3G,4G, and 5G. These are phone wireless protocols available.

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